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Name: Lisa Jorgensen

Function: Keys, Noisebox, Vocals(Robotic and otherwise)

Other Bands/Projects: Furnace St. (now defunct)

Favorite Drink: Liquor-Tom Collins Beer-New Castle/Magic Hat Regular-Soda/Tang

Favorite Book: (author) David Sedaris

Quote: "GROSS!"

Favorite movie or TV show robot: movie-R2D2 TV-Vicky(The Small Wonder)

Influences, musical or otherwise: Jawbox/Burning Airlines, Meat Beat Manifesto, Smashing Pumpkins, Duran Duran, Skinny Puppy, Metallica (old), Depeche Mode, Low, Radiohead, New Order, Slowdive

Musical Artist(s) or genre that many don't know you like: Motown and big band.

Current favorite local artists, aside from Missile Command: Brandtson, 20goto10, Filament 38, Dozen Dead Roses and Boatzz.

Dream Job: International Superhottie

Favorite Video game: Worms and Super Mario Bros.