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Name: Jim/Stygz/1.5

Function: noise, destruction and vocal chaos

Other Bands/Projects: Uniflux, ..//Rebody and former member of Dust_Head

Favorite Drink: Chocolate Milk, Rolling Rock and Red Bull & Jager

Favorite Book: LOTR trilogy

Quote: "Das Machine ist nicht fur Gefingerpoken und Mittengrabben"

Favorite movie or TV show robot: Bender from "Futurama"

Influences, musical or otherwise: Gridlock, any project of Daniel Myer's, Plaid, Beefcake, Converter, Manufactura, Download, Absurd Minds, Tarmvred and anything that goes bleep, blop, glitch or glop.

Musical Artist(s) or genre that many don't know you like: Metal

Current favorite local artists, aside from Missile Command: Furnace St., SickApril, Skin Machine, Twine, Notech and Filament 38.

Dream Job: Heroin addict

Favorite Video Game: Soul Calibur 2