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Who is Missile Command, one may ask? If the first thing you think about is that really awesome game from the eighties, you're only half right. They are awesome, but they are not to be confused with a mere 8 bit Atari creation. Oh, no... Missile Command in its newest incarnation is much more fun than you could have in your mom's basement.

Missile Command consists of two core members, Andrew Lent and Jim Maynard, who hail from a plethora of musical influences. This synth based outfit got its start in 2003 with the idea of creating a new voice in the oft underrated electronic music scene. Starting slowly to ensure that they could work well together, they began by lending their production and remixing talents to other local artists. Finding that the partnership was to their satisfaction, they went about creating music with the idea that boundaries would only be observed when they went beyond the realm of what sounds good. By adding the talents of several local vocalists, Adam Boose, Dawn Mitchell, and Lori Rogers, they rounded out what is now Missile Command.

Missile Command began playing out in 2004 to a wide variety of audiences with good response. Through the winter of 2005, their infinitely entertaining stage shows and reliably good music made fans wherever they played. In their downtime, they began recording their demo "Machines Should Think".

Ranging from the cynically pop sound of Slip And Scream, the operatic ambience of FTS Beta 9, the decidedly aggressively tongue-in-cheek power electronics of I Know You, to the apocalyptic joyride of Push the Button, "Machines Should Think" embodies the hard to define sound of Missile Command. The music is grounded in the broad genre of "electronic", but each song embodies it's own distinct sound and feel while maintaining the band's overall atmosphere. Even though each tune sounds different, you know that it's a Missile Command song.

As the future comes rolling towards us, and the ideas of entertainment and technology get more and more blurred, innovation is the only way to avoid stagnation. Missile Command understands this, and continues to move forward into the future, taking it's members and fans along with it. So strap on some headphones and prepare to break all the barriers. Missile Command is ready for launch!