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Name: Andrew/Android/1.0

Function: Vocals, noises, theremin, synthesizers, thingamagoop, programming, vocoding, production, engineering, and occasional murder victim.

Other Bands/Projects: former member Chew's Eye Shop, former member Filament 38, former member Chloe Galvanic

Favorite Drink: Vodka & Tonic

Favorite Book: Neuromancer by William Gibson

Quote: "Eff a lot of that!"

Favorite movie or TV show robot: Bishop from "Aliens"

Influences, musical or otherwise: Raymond Scott, Haujobb, Pet Shop Boys, Information Society, Clock DVA, Clara Rockmore, weather patterns, radioactive decay, bizarre numerical sequences.

Musical Artist(s) or genre that many don't know you like: 1930's era jazz.

Current favorite local artists, aside from Missile Command: Brandston, Travelogue, Ludwyg.

Dream Job: Being an atomic playboy.

Favorite Video Game: Portal, Half-Life Series.